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The Mississippi Blues Cruise

Bourbon, BBQ and Blues – Bourbon cocktails, BBQ meats and New Orleans Jazz and Blues…on the water. Right on!
Whiskey is the frontier spirit, wild and untamed…brought under control by the Liquorists’ skilled drink smiths. Each drink tells a story of years of craftsmanship to make every drop, it represents the American dream, it is the coolest liquor on the planet!
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We will mix up, stir and shake 7 drinks, from cooling Peach and Mint Iced Tea to silky smooth Old Fashioneds – the PERFECT accompaniment for the smokey, saucy hit of slow cooked BBQ goodness…all to the soundtrack of brassy, bluesy magic.

Low and Slow…

The food aboard takes the form of 7 hour cooked racks of spare ribs, BBQ beans, fresh corn bread, home made slaw, corn on the cob and sweet potato.


The Bartender’s favourite

Last year was great, this year is nearly all gone…Whiskey is where it’s at!!


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