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The Trails!

You know the score by now...5 bars, 5 awesome cocktails (and another drink thrown in for good measure), great food and a guide to whisk you from bar to bar!!


You can book a trail any time YOU want...AND tasting whatever spirit you want too!! All you need are 7 to 15 mates and a thirst for knowledge...and amazing cocktails!


Great Value, Great Fun, Great Booze, Great Times!!

We only host private bookings, but if you get a crew of 8 to 16 folk we can also create a trail just for you!!

Love Tequila...? There's a trail for that. Fancy learning about Rum...? There's a trail for that. NEED to get your pals together for a Gin trail...? You better believe we have a trail for that!!!

See what we have done in the past, or get in touch!!

For group booking discounts and for a private trail quote get in touch by email - Simon@theliquorists.com

Get booking NOW!!

Tickets start at £40 a head on the Thursdays and rise to £45 a head on the Fridays and £50 a head on Saturdays...Group booking discounts are available on parties of 8 or more...Have a look and get you and your pals booked on NOW!!

@tonephotog  07908236655 shep@tone-photographer