The Rum Runner's Revenge

Returning next year is The Rum Runner’s Revenge Cruise - Most of your favourite drinks in your favourite bars are actually Rum based… the Mojito, the Daiquiri, the Pina Colada, the Dark and Stormy…ALL Rum!
Rum’s history is a turbulent, Global tale of Empire, slavery and fortunes made and lost - what better place to tell this story than on the high seas…of Salford Quays!!
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Island Vibes

7 drinks using a variety of Rum’s from all over the Caribbean and beyond will form the refreshment of the day - some you will have heard of, some you will not, all will become your new favourite!

Food by Jerk Shack!!

The food aboard will be Caribbean in nature - Mutton Curry, Jerk Chicken, Rice and peas…Delicious, flavoursome and fiery…just like the rum we will be sipping!!

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Rum in our Veins!

Even though it is it's first outing on the water with us, Rum has long been a firm favourite of the people of Manchester 


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The Rum Runner's Revenge 2018