25/05/17 - 27/05/17   The Rum Trail

Back where it all started, so many years ago!!

5 Rums, in 6 drinks, in 5 bars, plus food...from £40 a head.

To death and dread disease!!

The Rum Trail

20/07/17 - 22/07/17   The Gin Trail

The Gincident, but on land...For all those landlubbers who can't handle the open ocean (Manchester Ship Canal....)!! The quintessential British spirit, during the one week of the year we can hope for some British summer!!! From £40 x

The Gin Trail

31st July

The Black Tot Trail

The British Navy used to issue rations of neat Rum to its sailors right up until 1970 - we fancy recognising that, and then drinking rum in its memory...Health and Safety gone mad we say...

07/09/17 - 09/09/17   5 Drinks that Changed the World

This went so well last year, we figured we would do it again! 10 half sized cocktails showing off 5 drinks that changed HOW we drink! We'll taste the original and a twist created by the talented bar keeps we will visit on the trail!

The 5 Drinks That Changed the World Trail

19th October

The G&T Trail #2

The second of 2 national G&T days this year...we will again celebrate it in the best way we know how!! By quaffing amazing G&T's around town! 5 Gins, served in 6 G&T's, with food for £40 a head!!