No other trail has caught the attention quite like this one...

We started the trails in 2010, a walking cocktail masterclass taking in some of the cities best bars, showing off the worlds best spirits. It has been a good and faithful servant of the cocktail culture of this city...Do you know what else is good, and faithful. Our dogs.

How come they get left at home, whilst we visit great bars, and sip awesome drinks made by bar keeps...?

Not any more!!

As of right now...All of that has changed!!

dog 2

We will bringing you the best trail we have ever done...The Pooch n Hooch Trail!! On Sunday the 11th of June at 3pm we had our first #YappyHour trail...the dogs run this town!!

We will be running the #YappyHour trail every other Sunday there or there abouts - 4 refreshing glasses of afternoon delight, in 4 amazing doggy friendly venues from across the city, including doggie beers 'n treats for Fido! Find out where to take your four legged friends, and where does the best drinks too!

We will have goody bags for all the doggies with delicious but ethical treats - And a prize for the DotD...Dog of the Day!!!

The trail costs £25 a head and places are limited so get booking below!!

We will be stopping off en route so our pals can have a wee, please note all dogs must be on a lead, and as responsible dog owners poo bags are an essential item EVERYONE must bring!

Please not there is no food on this trail...we will look at it for the future but for now it is not included!

Book NOW!!

Click on the link over there ---> to book your place on this amazing trail!!